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Auto Set Wallpapers with Time/Calender Entry Tasker : Profile 9


Searching, downloading, cropping  and setting wallpapers on mobile/tab is a common thing that everyone does. But have you ever thought of making this whole thing automated. Though you may find an app or two which are relevant to what we are discussing right now but does they also reminds you about those important dates, events or birthday’s which matters to you and your dear one’s. If your answer is Facebook or some other social networking site. How about if you don’t have time or interest or some other reason which keeps you away from it esp. on those important days. Even though the social networking sites syncs birthdays with Google calender, some may go through those notification and some may not and some accidentally clear them along with other notifications. And one main thing here is does all your dear ones are on facebook? And none reminds you about your personal events as they waits esp. for you to wish.

So, here the task is about Auto set wallpapers with Time or Calender Entry. Wallpapers should keep on changing for every 2 secs/minutes/hours and on those important days (calender entry’s), should set a relevant wallpaper by holding down the current running ‘auto wallpaper’ task for a while.

For eg. On Mother’s day or Father’s day should set a wallpaper relevant to it. So as soon as you unlock the device the wallpaper should strike your mind immediately.

How-to ?

For this, we need to create two profiles one for “Auto Set Wallpaper” and other for “Calender Entry”. And should restrict both the profiles from collision by adding “if” “else” condition.

Step 1 : Open Tasker, don’t have then download it from here.

Auto set wallpaper :

Create a Task :

Step 2 : Goto Tasks and create a Task by name “Wallpapers” and tap that right button. Now tap the “+” button at bottom > Display > Set Wallpaper > Search > Gallery then choose a wallpaper that sets your screen perfectly.

Step 3 : Again Tap the “+” button at bottom > Task > Wait > and set the time (2 minutes) and tap the back button.

Step 4 : Repeat Steps 2 and Step 3, it is upto you how many wallpapers you would like to add. But the the whole list should be in the following format. “Set Wallpaper > Wait > Set Wallpaper > Wait …….”. Upon setting ‘wallpaper 1’ should wait for 2 minutes and then go for ‘Wallpaper 2’ this is what we have done.


Create a Profile :

Step 5 : Under Profiles Tab tap that “+” button at bottom > State >Display > Display State > ON. Now tap the back button at left-side top corner.

Step 6 : Now give a name to the Task as “Start” and tap that right button to continue to “Task Edit” section.

Under Task edit > Tap “+” button at bottom > Task > Perform Task > Tap the Search button and select the “Wallpaper” Task, which we created (steps 1 – 4). Then tap the back button.

Long press the Profile and change the name to “Auto Wallpaper”.

That’s it, we are done with Auto set wallpaper. Now the Calender Entry.

Auto Set Wallpaper Profile Tasker Nexus and Me Android

Calender Entry

Create a Profile :

Step 7 : Create a State Profile > App > Calender Entry > Enter Title as “Father’s Day” and under description enter “don’t forget to wish him…” and tap the back button. Remember what you have stated over here in description.

Step 8 :  Now name the task as “Father’s day” and tap the right button > Under “Task Edit Section” tap that “+” button at bottom > Display > Set Wallpaper > Search > Gallery then choose a Father’s day wallpaper that sets your screen perfectly.

Step 9 : optional : Now again tap that “+” button at bottom > Plugin > Secure Settings > Configuration Edit > Actions > Wake Device and set Wake Type to “Screen & Keyboard Lights On” for 2 seconds and save it.

Long press the Profile and change the name to ” Father’s day “.

Calender Entry Profile Tasker Nexus and Me


Auto Set Wallpaper Calender Entry Tasker Profile Nexus and Me

If Else Condition :

This condition should be written under Task Edit section of “Auto Wallpaper” profile which we named as “Start” (Step 6). So tap to open Auto Wallpaper Profile > Start > tap “+” button at bottom > task > If.



%PACTIVE (Doesn’t ‘~‘ Match) *Father’s day* (‘Father’s Day’ is Calender Entry’s Profile Name)

FlashAuto Wallpaper Activated” then Perform Task “Wallpaper”

Flash – will be under Alert and Perform Task – will be under Task in Select Action Category.(already created in step 6)

Now drag the Flash and Perform Task under “If” condition.


Stop the task “Start” from running. The Stop action will be under Task in Select Action Category.

Now drag the Stop task under Else condition.

The whole IF Else Condition under “Start” of Auto Wallpaper Profile should be like as shown in the below image.


If Else Conditions Variables Tasker Profile Nexus and Me

Google Calender :

Step 10: Now open your Calender app on your device > Goto Father’s day date and Create an Event as “Father’s Day” from 10 am to 4 pm. Next under description write “don’t forget to wish him…“. Write the same phrase what you have written under Calender Entry (steps 1) and click DONE.

calender entry tasker triggerring if else condition nexus and me


That’s it. Now you are done with Calender Entry Profile too.

So, every day as you unlock the screen the auto wallpaper gets activated and keep on changing wallpapers according to time, which we have set and on those important days, here on Father’s day the auto wallpaper holds for a while and displays the Father’s day wallpaper. This display time depends on the calender event time, that’s up to you.

For a brief look on how this whole thing seems and works go through the video below, featuring the Auto Set Wallpaper and  LG G3 Knock Code

How’s this, nice isn’t it. Though seem bit lengthy and confusing but its a one-time setup. Once set there is no looking back. Just update wallpapers under “wallpaper” task if you got bored with the current set of wallpapers.

Don’t have wallpapers that fits your screen perfectly, then here is a collection of about 150 incredible HD Wallpapers for your Nexus 4/5 with a resolution of 1200X800.

As stated before and again today the one and only solution for these kind of situations is Tasker app for Android. This is one ultimate app which has the ability to replace 100 apps. Yes, whatever may be your issue or situation Tasker does have a solution but what you all need to know is – how the things work, what task to be performed, about contexts, variables, profiles, conditions etc. If you are new to tasker then go through this Tasker link for a complete list of tasker profiles I have created and more yet to come.

Apart from Auto Set Wallpaper, this how-to guide is a complete walk-through on Variables, IF Else Conditions, triggering profiles and more. Using which you can create some really awesome profiles that’s completely depends on you the way you think and see things. I don’t find a better way than this to explain if got confused or struck at any point feel free to ask using the below comment section.

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